Gods Great Country Farm

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Goats for sale

We will begin having kids born mid January 2013 and will become available beginning mid March 2013.  Please contact us for more information regarding reservations or notification list. Thank you!



Nigerians: Prices are expected to range from $400- $500 for does, $200-$300 for buck herd sires, and $100 for  nonregistered bucks or wethers.

Nubians: Prices are exptected to range from $300 to $500 for does, $300 for buck herd sires, and $100 for nonregisteredd bucks or wethers.


*GGCF reserves the right to retain any goats born to increase our herd as well as to judge breeding pair matches. Prices will be determined and listed with the kids pictures after they have been born and evaluated. All kids will be disbudded, first CD & T, tattooed,and on a natural wormer  prior to leaving around  10 to 12 weeks of age unless a bottle baby is preferred at which time arrangements can be made at 8 weeks.   We are dam and bottle raising our kids this year to make for easier transitions into their new homes.


Triplet Doelings available!

Kids Corral FF Thumbkin http://www.godsgreatcountryfarm.com/ags-kids-corral-ff-thumbkin X  Creekside Farm Straw Man http://www.godsgreatcountryfarm.com/registered-bucks

Doeling - Latte'

Latte' is such a sweet little doeling. She is as friendly as they get. She has a great looking topline! She is a cream coloring with white on her head and white strip on her side.

--- $400

-- quick update: We just had LA
 this weekend and her dam scored a 90 EEEV and her twin full sister scored +++ and her junior full sister scored V+VV. This doe is 
                                                                                  13 weeks and ready  for her new home.

                                          Available due to reservation cancelation