Gods Great Country Farm

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Kids on a family farm
Raw milk shares available
Nigerian Dwarf doe

Welcome to God's Great Country Farm located in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  We are a small yet growing family farm priding ourselves in quality show and strong milk line dairy goats.  Currently our breeding stock consists of  5 Nigerian Dwarf does and  3 Nubian does as well as 4 Nigerian dwarf bucks and 2 Nubian bucks.  Each of our goats comes from documented strong dairy lines as well as great conformation.  We have been so happy with our goat that we were milking for our own raw milk that we kept both of her daughters to continue on her line. Our bucks come with milk stars in their pedigree as well as family histories in showing.  We are planning to LA test in May  2014!

*** LA results are in. We have completed our LA 5/4/14 and will be getting all of the fantastic details on the website soon. If you would like to know the particular details on something please let us know otherwise we will be updating the website over the next few days. We had some fantastic results this year and are so pleased with so many of our herd that scored in the mid to high 80s and even a doe scoring a 90. Our herd has made us proud owners! ***

God's Great Country Farm was tested for CAE in April 2014 and are all negative.  We do our best to keep our herd as natural as possible using natural wormers and only treating for illness as needed.  All of our goats have been vacinated against CD&T and use Land of Halvah  Herbals for worming.  Currently our does are fed free choice mixed grass hay, and a special mix of 16% grain, black oil sunflower seeds, and alfalfa pellets.  We also offer free minerals,  kelp, and supplement for copper and selenium.

We are currently members of the AGS, ADGA, and NDGA. 

We are family owned and operated and everyone at the farm chips in to make this work. We all  have our part in milking, cleaning stalls, trimming hooves, feeding, putting up hay,and of course playing with our friendly goats! We do a mix of dam and bottle raising our kids. All kids will be seperated from their dams at 2 weeks old and given a bottle for their first feeding each morning while we milk the dam. They are then returned to their moms for the rest of the day.  This gives us the best of both worlds, bottle raised friendliness and health of dam raising.


Coming Spring 2012 we will begin selling natural goats milk soap,  lotion, and laundry detergent. Message us and let us know what you would like to see!

We also offer fresh chicken eggs for pick up at the farm. Our chickens are as natural as they come. No chemical wormers or stimulants here! Please call us ahead of time to be sure we have not sold out before making a special trip.

ADGA registered goats